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How Can Health Care in America Work When Government-Run Health Care Cannot Work?

Can government-run health care ever work? That is the question that a lot of people who are already in the medical system have asked themselves. Government-run health care does not and cannot work, for numerous reasons. It would be hard to name all of them, but some people blame the government for not providing adequate health care to everyone. Others simply refuse to acknowledge that the government can’t afford to take care of everyone – even though they are part of the government and pay taxes!

Why is this the case? The answer, of course, is because it costs too much money to provide health care for everyone through the government. There are just too many administrative details involved that drive up the cost of health care. The costs go up because government intervention isn’t necessary, so it becomes necessary to reduce costs elsewhere.

So how can health care in America be free if the government decides what is necessary and eliminates those things that aren’t workable? The answer is that it cannot. You see, free-market capitalism works best when there is a competition between businesses, but here in America, we don’t have many businesses that are competing against each other. And free-market capitalism only works when there are sufficiently healthy consumers, and that isn’t the situation in most of the country.

It is impossible for a free market to work for the general welfare when the government controls the economy. The government dictates the rules and decides which business will provide the health care that it deems necessary. That means that the government has a vested interest in keeping health care prices as high as possible. Otherwise, the government can’t make its money when it offers health insurance.

How can health care in America work when government intervention is necessary? That is not an alternative, and it doesn’t make sense to try to remove the cost of health care from the free market. If the government was going to do that, then they should do it through the normal free-market process by allowing private health insurers to compete and develop low-cost plans that work just as well as the government-provided health care system.

But that’s exactly what the government is doing; they’re attempting to intervene in the free-market and force health insurers to charge higher rates. The fact that this doesn’t work is a sign that most American consumers simply aren’t intelligent enough to understand why this is being done. They accept the premise that government control and regulation are good for their health. They fail to realize that it destroys it.

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