Fake id is something every category of people use – both minor and mature people. However, the use of fake ids is very prominent among minors. So, you may be curious to know the reasons for this.

Well, there are several reasons why you may need a fake id as a minor and that’s what we would show you here.

Ready? Let’s go!

• To enjoy adult privileges as a minor

We’re not saying a fake id is no longer a fake id. But as a minor, there are reasons you would opt for a fake id and getting to enjoy adult privilege is a core reason.  As a high school student or a fresh college student, you’re restricted in no little way. There are lots of stuff you can’t do or engage in as a minor.

You’re missing out on really cool social events and activities. For example, you can’t chill out with your colleagues at the bar. You cannot have a gulp of that Irish bear you’ve always wanted to. As a minor, you’re probably feeling ostracized. It feels wired when the bouncer stops you from accessing the bar or wards you off.

Sure, you won’t be like that forever. Well, if you want to leave the shackles of this age limitation before turning a major, you only have an option, and that is to get a fake id. With a fake id, you can pose as an adult freely. You’ll get entrance to clubs with no one bouncing you out. You’ll also rise above several age restrictions as you can then play lotto, feel the vibe from the nightlife of casinos, etc. Just as with smoking, you will also get access to buy shisha at the bar.

However, know that these privileges require some caution on your part. Police crackdown can occur or a fight might break out. You just have to be careful.

At idgod, we make the best fake id ever. With our id, you’ll get access to freedom unlimited!

• To maintain anonymity

Sometimes you just really want to conceal your identity in some activities or from certain people. No, you’re not a bad guy. You probably just don’t want the attention that comes with being known and that’s perfectly fine. It’s your choice.

A fake id is your best bet for anonymity. You may choose not to use your real name, identity and other relevant data about you on your fake id. This offers you the perfect anonymity ever. Even when ordering and getting your fake id, you are still anonymous. Manufacturers of fake ids don’t ask for your real home address or any other personal details.

You can also pay anonymously too. You can pay virtually using any of the payment platforms without revealing your identity. You can pay using cryptocurrency. At idgod, we accept and prefer payment with Western Union. These are hardly traceable payment methods that protect your anonymity.

• To create false social media profile pages

If you want to create a false Facebook profile, for example, you would need a fake id. This is because you would need to verify your identity on Facebook with an identity card. Despite this, almost 80 million profiles on Facebook are fake.

There are several reasons why you might need a fake social media profile and not necessarily for any mischievous reason. For example, you may want to keep your friends and family members on different social media accounts. You may also want to anonymously investigate a cause on your social media pages.

• Less punishment

Most colleges won’t mete out heavy punishment on you for using a fake id, perhaps because this is a rampant behaviour. And so if you’re caught, there may be nothing much at stake. But of course, you really don’t want to be caught. If you’re caught, although you may not be expelled, you might have to participate in community service around the campus.

• To drive around with a car

You want to cruise around by driving through the city with the blasting sounds of your favourite playlists?

But no, as a minor, you simply can’t. Well, with a fake driver’s licence, cruising around the city is not a mirage. You can get a fake id and show any traffic inspector if at all you are stopped while driving. It’s not only minors that do get fake driving licence. Non-natives who wish to travel around the country too do get fake driving id. Also, adult persons with expired driver’s licenses do opt for fake driving id.

• To prank your friends or family members

You may want to pull up some surprise on your family members or friends by dressing in an unusual style and posing as someone else – maybe as your twin. You want to create that ‘ha-ha moment’. Well, you definitely would need an is at least to convince yourself that you’re truly someone else, except you want to make a mockery of your prank.

At IDGOD, we make quality ids with excellent design and quality. You really can’t risk making a bad fake id that will spoil your prank.

• To chill out during Nightlife

The Nightlife experience is one of the things youthful exuberance craves. It doesn’t have to be all about the alcohol. You can just want to feel the Nightlife scene and catch some harmless fun. But hey, your intention doesn’t matter! The bouncers won’t keep you in as a minor, even though all you want to do is to vibe with the moment.

It’s even worse if you go to a bar in a local area where bouncers are way stricter. Even some restaurants would deny you entrance as a minor, pretty much why you need a fake id. To have a chill out during Nightlife as a minor, getting a fake id is your go-to.

• To take a girl on a date

It can be a really big turn off when you appear like an under-age lad, that you truly are, before your girl. You don’t want to mess yourself up in front of your girl. As a minor, if you want to put out yourself as a mature person on your next date, you would need a fake id. With this, you can enter the bar, and gulp alcohol of your choice if you want to. You don’t need to order any alcohol on your date, the id is just to boost your personality.

Generally, if you want to appear mature to other girls too, getting a fake id comes in handy.

• To gamble

As a minor, you can’t enter any casino and you’re also restricted from participating in the gambling game. But hey, you want to get a hang of what’s going on in there in the casino. You want to show you can play the game and win too!

To do this, you should get a fake id. No one would stop you from entering any casino when you present your fake id. Well, only you have an idea it’s a fake id, no one else knows. However, you’ve to be careful here. Fight or any other commotion can occur here.

• To purchase sedatives and marijuana

No pharmacy would sell any sedatives or marijuana to you as a minor. If you want to purchase any of these, then you should get a fake id.

•To  shop online

Most online stores can only sell to minors on their parents’ permission. They generally offer their service to adults who’re able to present a valid id. As a minor, you’ll need to get a fake id to properly make some online shopping.

• To enjoy some exclusive services

There are some services such as tattooing, piercing, etc that can only be offered to adults. As a minor, if you want to have a tattoo or any piercing on your body, you would have to get a fake id. Also, no car rental company would rent a car to a minor. To be able to rent a car, you would need a fake id. A fake id would save you from the stress of requesting your parent’s permission before using the family van.

• To book a hotel

As a minor, you cannot book a hotel by yourself. If you want to book a hotel, you would need an id. That’s why you can consider getting a fake id as you would be able to book hotels of your choice with no restriction.

• To travel alone

As a minor, if you want to go on a vacation on your own, you would need to get a fake id. This is because minors are not permitted to travel on their own.


Using a fake id will help you circumvent a lot of restrictions. But hey, you’ve got to be careful too. You don’t want to be caught and convicted for using a fake id. One of the commonest ways to get a fake id is to order it online. At idgod, we make standard fake id of all types with our leading-edge equipment.

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